Caring for your clothes

Caring for your clothes

Having a great wardrobe also means taking care of your garments.  Your pieces will last longer which means savings for you and the environment.

Here are some tips to help you take care of your clothes and increase their longevity.

To avoid your knits stretching at the shoulders and losing their shape it is best to fold them.  If you insist on hanging your knitwear I would recommend only the fine ones

Flocked hangers have a slip resistant cover which stops your garments falling off the hanger and the design offers better support to your garment

Hang your special items (suits, event dresses) in a garment bag if they aren’t being worn very often to preserve the quality

Belt and scarf hangers are a great option for storage if you have multiple of these items

Clear boxes are a fabulous idea for storing footwear and accessories while keeping them visible

If you are short on wardrobe space, pack up your non season clothing and just keep what is relevant until the season changes again

Don’t overfill your washing machine as the garments will rub together and as a result fade faster and possibly tear on another garment in the wash

Wash at 30C.  This will preserve the colour in your dyed garments

Wash your darker garments separately on a cold cycle inside out and hang this way on the clothesline to prevent fading.

Follow the instructions on the label.  

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