Your Personal Style Mentor in Marlborough

Hi, I'm Bec. I love to help women understand and develop their personal style and recapture
confidence in how they dress. There's nothing more satisfying than working with my wonderful clients to carefully shape their wardrobe into a source of joy, which makes them feel amazing every day.

Meet Bec

What do you want your wardrobe to say about you?

A wardrobe restyle with me will help you get comfortable with your personal style. For some women it's what they need to get out of a rut of boredom with their clothes. You won't be tempted to wasteful impulse shopping once you discover what truly works for you and your own style.

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  • "Thank you so much"

    It was great to have Bec come to my home. The session was relaxing and fun. I knew I had the right clothes in the wardrobe but without any effort and great suggestions Bec was able to advise me how to wear my clothes by mixing and matching the old with the new, layering and together she matched up colours of shoes and scarves and jewellery. The result is that I can wear my clothes and accessories in a different style and feel confident. I have had many lovely comments with what Bec suggested.

    Many thanks Bec for your time and patience!

  • Know Your Style

    "Thanks so much, Bec. I'm really looking forward to giving my wardrobe a good sort & investing in some new pieces that are different to what I would have chosen before...inject colours that really suit me. Thanks again, it was lovely to meet you!"

  • "I'm telling all my friends!"

    What I loved most is how easy you made it and your lovely, completely non-judgemental personality. I was worried about the cluttered state of my wardrobe and thought I needed to pre-cull, etc. Turns out if I'd done that I'd probably have thrown out that belt and skirt you worked into so many great outfits! I felt (still feel) amazing to have gone through that process with purpose, with you. I remember what its like to love what I wear.