Reviews & FAQs

"I had a thoroughly enjoyable and educational experience with Bec getting my colours, body shape and style sorted. Bec is relatable and friendly, had super affordable suggestions to up-style what was already in my wardrobe and helped me do a good cull of items I was hanging onto but weren’t serving me. I learnt which clothes and styles suit my shape, how to create more body shape and length ( I’m a short 5ft 3), how to accessorise correctly and feel way more confident when I leave the house. Who doesn’t want that?!

Bec's advice was suggestive but not pushy, she asked the right questions to allow me to get the most of the experience and future shopping outings. I’ve saved thousands of dollars and hours of time doing unnecessary purchasing and now go directly to items on the rack which serve me everyday!
Thanks Bec, highly recommended stylist xx "


Q: Will a wardrobe edit with you mean I need to buy a whole new wardrobe?

A: No not at all.  The purpose of a wardrobe edit is to keep the pieces working for you and your style then identify where the gaps are.  This is where we create a shopping list of key pieces you need to create a more sustainable wardrobe that works for you every day. 


Q: My wardrobe is a mess. Is there somewhere else we can do this?

A: I’m here to help you, not judge you.  For a wardrobe edit we empty your wardrobe and start with an empty space so a tidy up isn’t necessary.  We will go through all clothing, accessories and footwear, but don’t go into any personal items.


Q: Do you style all sizes and ages?

A: Yes!  Our bodies change over time and your style is not defined by your age or size.  I will teach you how to confidently put together your outfits while expressing yourself though your clothing choices. 


Q: I have a special event coming up can you help me find an outfit?

A: Absolutely.  We want you to look and feel a million dollars without the stress of searching out the perfect outfit.  Let me help you achieve the look you’re after without the hassle.