Get to know your style

My love of style and fashion began in my grandmother's clothing boutique many years ago.  This developed into quite a passion, seeing me sew my own clothes and curate looks for myself and friends by mixing new season purchases with existing and preloved items (a bit more sustainable for the planet and the pocket). 

With my family all grown up I decided to follow my passion and have completed studies in Colour Analysis and Personal Style with the Academy of Professional Image.    

What you wear matters.  Knowing the garments to choose and what looks good on you isn't easy for everyone and can often be a source of frustration. For me, there's nothing better than helping someone reflect their true self though their clothing choices and seeing the confidence that brings them. 

I want to help women embrace their body whatever the size and express themselves through what they wear.  The outfits you wear say a lot about who you are, but often the person on the inside doesn’t match the clothing we see on the outside.  Learning how to dress for you, what to shop for and how to create a cohesive wardrobe will save you time, money and make getting dressed enjoyable!   As a mother we often put ourselves last so think of this as an investment in yourself. 

If you would like to learn how to make your wardrobe work or you, how to shop better and express yourself through your personal style in the process, I would love to help.