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This package suits the woman with a wardrobe full of clothes but finding herself with nothing to wear, and changes multiple times before she walks out the door.  Often we end up with so many clothes, that don’t actually reflect who we are and we lose our sense of style. 

We start with a Style Consultation where I ask you questions about your current style and where you want to end up at the end of our journey.  We talk colours, body shape and then go right through your wardrobe to establish what you are/not wearing and why.  I am not an advocate of buying for the sake of it so if we can take something you love to a tailor and get it to fit right, I encourage you to do that.  We remove any garments that are not working for you, and where there are gaps we will create a list of the things you need.  Often this is only a few key pieces that will help link your existing wardrobe together.  We are working to achieve a wardrobe full of options that works for you and your lifestyle while expressing who you are through what you wear.

Time required: Allow 4 hours