How to edit your wardrobe without getting overwhelmed and giving up!

How to edit your wardrobe without getting overwhelmed and giving up!


The thought of cleaning out your wardrobe can be completely overwhelming so here are some tips I use to keep my wardrobe in an ordered state.  I recommend you do this process twice a year (Spring and Autumn) to keep your style on track and the task of getting dressed everyday a whole lot easier.

Go through your clothes in categories 
Instead of attempting to clean out the whole wardrobe in an afternoon break your clothing into categories and do your edit section by section.  ie Pants, Blouses, T- shirts, dresses etc.  By breaking this into smaller chunks you will feel like you are making progress without the huge mess and angst this can cause if you are attempting this in one hit.

With each piece ask yourself 
Have I worn this in the past 12 months? 
Does this fit me properly?  Be honest with yourself, there is no point hanging onto something for when you lose that weight, or something dated that cost you a lot of money and you feel guilty about getting rid of.  You want a wardrobe of pieces you can wear now.
Does this colour suit me?  This one is particularly important if it is a top or a scarf something that is up by your face.
Do I have multiples of one thing … do I really need them all? 
If you have answered NO to any of these, its time for that piece to go.

Create three piles for the pieces you are removing
Sell, Donate, Bin
Pop those pieces in the appropriate pile and bag them up.  Make sure each bag is dealt with as you intend.  

For the pieces you are keeping

Return them to the wardrobe and hang them in their category light to dark.  As you complete this process, continue to hang your pieces in this order and create a boutique feeling when you are shopping your wardrobe in the mornings.

Repeat this process for 4 – 6 weeks

By the end of it you will have managed to edit your wardrobe in achievable chunks and be left with a range of pieces you are regularly wearing, fit well and you feel great in.

Now you have completed the hard bit, next time you put a piece on that doesn’t fit or you no longer feel good in, take it out, file it in your pile and then move it on accordingly.

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