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Colour Analysis

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Have you ever tried on something and wondered if that colour really suits you?  Take the guess work out of your shopping and have a personal colour analysis.   You will learn what colours suit you best and how to apply them to your everyday dressing. 

When you wear colours that are in harmony with you, you're going to look healthier, more vibrant and project a really positive image.  Colour advancements have developed over time from only 4 seasons, so let's discover which of the 9 warm or 9 cool palettes you fall into and learn how to revolutionise your dressing. 

Did you know our colouring changes over time, so if you had your colours done 10+ years ago, or your hair colour has changed it's probably time to have a new one.  

A colour analysis is an investment in your future wardrobe.  If you look good, you feel good and colour is an amazing tool to achieve this. 

What's included?

Have your colours done.  

A colour swatch valued at $NZD60.00

A guidebook on how to use your colour swatch

Signature Colours

Time required: 1.5- 2 hours

Group sessions available, maximum 6 people for $165pp