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This is a fun and relaxed way to approach your personal style journey...we start at the beginning and work our way through the two best seasons to purchase for, Spring and Autumn.  

This is a personalised colour and style package that is ideal for you if want to nail down your body and colouring particulars, discover your style values, learn how to build an effective and stylish wardrobe for your lifestyle and needs, plus get tips to shop like a professional.

No longer will you have a wardrobe of uncoordinated pieces you find hard to create outfits with, or waste money or time shopping because you’re not sure what you should buy.  Instead you’ll end up with a wardrobe of clothes you adore and pieces you can wear for years to come.

Allow 6-9 months for this process from start to finish.  You will discover a lot about yourself during this time and be able to create outfits that convey a message, that represent who you are and make you feel authentic and stylish everyday.